Ochki : Rs. 10 Lakh for kin of the dead, Rs 20K for injured

Thiruvananthapuram : In the aftermath of cyclone Ockhi that has left at least 21 dead, several injured and others missing, the govt has announced compensation of Rs. 10 lakh in solatium to families of the dead and Rs. 20,000 as compensation to those injured.

The govt had earlier announce Rs. 15,000 to the injured which was enhanced to Rs. 20,000 with contributions from the Fisheries Department.

The govt has also decided to offer free ration for a week considering the that coastal families have their livelihood affected in the tumultuous weather.

Further govt has consulted Fisheries to determine compensation for those who have lost their fishing boats.

As many as 529 families across the state have been housed in shelter camps. Medical attention is ensured in all these places.

Meanwhile the Navy , Coast Guard and Air Force are engaged in full-swing to help rescue and find those missing.

Lakshadweep meanwhile is being ravaged by cyclonic winds causing widespread destruction in its wake.

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