Hadiya’s husband had contacted ISIS before marriage: NIA

NEW DELHI: In a startling revelation, NIA in its report said Hadiya’s ‘husband’ Shafin Jahan, allegedly had contacted Manseed and P Safvan, the two key charge-sheeted accused in ISIS (Islamic State) Omar-al-Hindi.

He is said to have contacted them via a closed Facebook group comprising activists of Popular Front of India (PFI)’s political arm SDPI as well as a popular messaging application.

Shafin’s ineractions is  said to have happened during the months preceding the controversial “Love Jihad”  marriage to Hadiya.

Both Manseed and Safvan were arrested in October last year for alleged  criminal conspiracy by members of an Islamic State-inspired group to attack high court judges, senior police officers and political leaders as well as public places in South India.

The NIA believes it was Manseed and his SDPI associates including Muneer, a friend of Shafin Jahan, and not the matrimonial website ‘waytonikah.com’, that brought Hadiya and Shafin together so as to ‘arrange’ their alliance.

The two got married in December 2016.

The Kerala High Court had in May this year anulled  the marriage of Shafin and Hadiya.

Muneer was known to Sainaba, Hadiya’s court-appointed guardian at the time of her marriage, through the PFI/SDPI network, according to NIA.

NIA probe has reportedly found that both Manseed and Safvan were in contact with Shafin, who was an active worker of SDPI and a district committee member of SDPI’s student wing Campus Front during his college days.

They contacted him through a messaging/social media app as well as closed Facebook group of SDPI activists called ‘Thanal’. Both Manseed and Shafin were not only members of Facebook group ‘SDPI Keralam’ but also its admins.

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