Saudi airstrikes pound Yemen post killing of ex-President

Saudi-led coalition pounded Yemen’s capital Sanaa overnight in an apparent retaliation for killing of the former Yemeni president by the country’ Shiite rebels.

The body of ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh with a gaping head wound had appeared in a video release by militias, though it was not clear if the rebels would allow Saleh’s family to hold a funeral later in the day.

The gruesome images had send shockwaves among Saleh’s followers, a reminiscent of his contemporary, Livya’s Moammad Gadhafi in 2011.

Saleh’s son Salah said on Tuesday that he won’t receive condolences until “after avenging the blood” of his father.

From Cairo, The Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul-Gheit issued a statement denouncing Saleh’s “assassination” at hands of “criminal militias” and warned Yemen that the situation could explode into a humanitarian crisis.

Saleh’s slaying gives rebels the upper hand in days-long fighting for Sanaa.

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