Senior Adv Rajeev Dhavan Gives up Court Practice following ‘humiliation’

Upset after heated exchange with Chief Justice in Supreme Court , Senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan today bid good-bye to his professional practice citing ‘humiliation’.

In a letter to CJI Dipak Misra, Dhavan wrote “After humiliating end to Delhi case, I have decided to give up court practice. You are entitled to take back the Senior gown conferred on me, though I would like to keep it for memory and  services rendered.”.

On Wednesday during the hearing of Delhi Vs Centre CJI at one point said “You go on shouting. You are always like that. We will give our judgement”.

According to sources, Dhavan argument also prompted court from warning lawyers against raising their voice in courts.

“Layers are called the ministers of justice. They arealso referred to as officers of the court. Unfortunately, a small group of lawyers raise their voice. They must understand absolutely clearly that raising their voice is not going to be tolerated. Raising the voice means either the lawyer is incompetent to present the case or he is inadequately prepared with the case.” said Misra.

Dhavan’s decades of practices ranges from his beginnings in Allahabad High Court and later to Surpreme Court. He is considered a expert on constitutional law matters and has written books on reservation, censorship and possibly India’s only work on refugee law.

Colleagues meanwhile wonder if the response is proportionate to one bad at court.

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