Mutton Soup helps solve Telangana Murder

Taking cue from Telugu thriller “Evadu”, 27-year-old M Swathi together with her paramour carried out the near perfect murder where her husband was murdered, buried and swapped with her lover after plastic surgery.

Swathi was married to Sudhakar Reddy for three years and has a child. During physiotherapy sessions she got intimate with Rajesh, the therapist. Together, they hatched a plot to get rid of Reddy and replace him with Rajesh without the world noticing.

After killing Reddy, Swathi threw acid on her paramour whose face later was fully bandaged and relatives called in to witness the hospitalisation for plastic surgery.

At the hospital, when served mutton soup, Reddy refused to eat saying he was vegetarian.

The family sensed something amiss as Reddy loved non-veg and expressed their doubts to police who unravelled the plot.

The Murder
The couple injected anaesthesia to Reddy on Nov 27 and hit his head fatally when unconscious. They later dumped and burnt the body in the forests.

Swathi then poured small amount of acid on Rajesh’s face and informed Reddy’s relatives that he suffered an acid attack from unidentified person.

Rajesh was taken to hospital in Hyderabad, where doctors started plastic surgery, the relatives paid for in lakhs.

Soon relatives grew suspicious noticing changed behaviour and mutton soup refused clinched their doubts.

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