Kavya, Other Actors Testify Dileep’s Grudge Against Assaulted actress

Kochi : Actor Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan in her statement to police said, the actress assaulted sexually on Feb 17,  rattled Dileep’s former marriage by passing on fabricated stories on an ongoing affair with her.

Kavya said, the actress passed on pictures and gossips centred around occasions when she and Dileep came together like stage programme rehearsal at Abad Plaza in 2013 etc.

Following these developments, Kavya said she stopped talking with Dileep. Actor Siddique according to Kavya had warned the assaulted actress against such behaviour.

Asked on who she learnt of the Feb 17 assault, she said singer-actress Rimi Tomy called her up to inform and said Dileep learnt of the abduction from Anto Joseph.

Kavya also claimed, she didn’t know Pulsar Suni before the incident or his visit to their house.

Meanwhile a few other actors too endorsed the friction between Dileep and the assaulted actress over passing information to his wife on alleged affair with Kavya.

Actor Samyukta Varma said that following Dileep’s irke over the assaulted actress’s revelations, she was denied several film opportunities.

Actor Kunchako Boban stated that Dileep had insisted he withdraw from acting in Manju Warrier’s come-back film “How old are you” and when he refused to yield, Dileep tried to meddle with his chance in movie “Cousins”.

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