Dawood Ibrahim Plans to Have Chota Rajan Killed in Prison : Intel

NEW DELHI: According to Intelligence report, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is plotting to have Chhota Rajan who is currently lodged in Tihar Jail.

Delhi’s top gangster Neeraj Sehrawat alias Neeraj Bawana is said to be moving things on the ground to carry out the murder.

Following the information, security for Chotta Rajan has been tightened.

The plot is said have leaked after one of the of Bawana’s aides, who came out of bail in mid-November, “drunk-dialled” another gang member and spoke about the “big tasks” ahead. The intercepted message was then passed on to the agencies to raise guard for Rajan.

The telephone talk sketchily mentions the murder to take place during visitor visit to  jail.

Incidentally, Rajan and Bawana are lodged in the same jail (number 2), though in separate cells.

Bawana, post the leak, has been shifted to an isolated cell.

Tihar authorities said they have  foolproof security apparatus was in place to secure Rajan.

“Rajan’s cell is at the end of an alley in jail no 2 while Bawana is in an isolated high-risk ward. Rajan has special, verified guards and cook, who are checked thoroughly by other guards,” an official told a newspaper.

Another senior jail official said: “Any hit on him in jail or hospital would be a symbolic win for the D-company and a big setback for the Indian security establishment. At a time when fugitives like Vijay Mallya are complaining about the lack of security in Tihar and other Indian prisons, we cannot afford to take any inputs on targets such as Rajan lightly.”

On November 07, meat exporter and alleged hawala dealer Moin Akhtar Qureshi, arrested in a money laundering case, had told a Delhi court that he had received written threat notes from jailed gangster Neeraj Bawana in Tihar Central Jail.

The Backdrop
Chota Rajan started his crime career working for D-Company as powerful aide but split with Dawood in 1993 to form his parallel gang that often clashed with his former outfit.

Rajan was arrested in Bali by Indonesian police on 25 October 2015. He was extradited to India on 6 November after 27 years on the run and is currently awaiting trial in CBI custody

He faces charges of murder, extortion, smuggling, drug trafficking and film financing.

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