VS supporters targeted, falsely implied in Payyoli Murder, CPM activist claims

Vadakara : CPM activists Vadakkel Biju, the 3rd accused in the sensational Payyoli Manoj murder case says that police investigators covered up real culprits and included those considered VS supporters in the list of culprits.

Due to my loyalty to the party, I was silent then, Biju said.

The party that did nothing to save the innocent has prompted him to come out in the open, he added.

Biju also remarked that CBI probe in the case is going the the right way.

Anyone who criticised the govt were labelled VS backers and efforts were made to name them as accused in the case, according to Biju

The first 15 of the accused claimed innocence and told the court that they had been framed.

Following the discrepancy, the court cancelled the Chargesheet and CBI took over the case one-and-a-half years back.

BMS leader Manoj was hacked by a group of assailants inside his house on the night of Feb 12, 2012 in front of his family.

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