Pakistan releases another “confessional” video of Khulbhushan Jadhav

Pakistan today released another video of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the former naval officer implicated in espionage  case and sentenced to death by an army court in Pakisan.

Jadhav purportedly confesses that he was commissioned officer of Indian Navy at the time of arrest.

In the video claimed as doctored by the Indian side, Jadhav is seen telling “I want to tell India that I am a commissioned officer of Indian Navy. Why are you lying about my working for the intelligence agency ?’

The veracity of the video however has not been ascertained.

The video comes within days after India hit out at Pakistan for violating understandings during Jadhav – family meet and also raised questions about the 47-yer-old’s well being.

India had asserted that Jadhav appeared coerced and under considerable stress during the tightly – controlled interaction on Dec 25 in Pakistan Foreign Office.

Jadhav at a point in the video says “They (Pakistan) have not harmed me”.

Incidentally, in the video released by Pakistan he also speaks about how the diplomat accompanying his family yelled at his mother.

In the video Jadhav says “I saw fear in her(mother’s) eyes, he Indian diplomat was shouting at my mother the moment she stepped out. I saw him shouting, yelling at her,”

The diplomat accompanying Jadhav’s family was India’s deputy High Commissioner in Islamabad.

Pakistan recorded the entire 40-minute meeting in which showed Jadhav sitting behind a glass screen while his mother and wife sat on the other side. The family conversed through intercom.

It was not however clear how Jadhav saw the diplomat shouting once she had stepped out.



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