Kuttippuram Landmine Discovery : PSP landing mats used by Army found

Kuttipuram : In continued search for clues to Claymore mines and SLR bullets found strewn under Kuttipuram Bridge, the police on Frida recovered parts of Pierced Steel Planking (PSP) landing mats from the site.

PSP mats are used by the Army for construction of temporary runways and landing strips.

Last week after being informed by locals, the police had found powerful claymore mines used exclusively by army. Later on Thursday noon, police found nearly 600 bullets used in self-loading rifles(SLR) lying abandoned at Bharatapuzha river bed

PSP mats were found during search using Deep Search Metal Detector (DSMD) in the 150-meter radius of the bridge.

Earthmovers were pulled in to retrieve the landing mats that lay buried under mud.

The mats are said to have been manufactured at armament depot in Maharashtra’s Pulgaon.

Baffled investigators are now trying to verify if any inventory was lost after fire accident in the depot in 2016.

North DGP Rajesh Dewan visited the spot on Friday to oversee progress in the investigation.

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