Woman and Son Shot Dead a Day Before Testifying Husband’s Murder in Court

Meerut(UP): In a shocking incident, a 60-year-old woman and her son were killed in Uttar Pradesh, a day before they were to appear in court and testify murder.

The shootout took place on Wednesday in Meerut district, where assailants came close to the cot on which the woman was seated outside her house and shot 10 times from point blank range.

Her son too was found shot inside his car near the village.

Both Nichettar kaur and her son, Balwinder were supposed to appear before court today to testify against culprits for killing Kaur’s husband in 2016, following a land dispute.

The pair were allegedly threatened by goons against testifying in the court.

The CCTV footage shows a man walk up to Kaur, who was sitting adjacent to a cot another woman sat on.

The assailant shoots Kaur multiple times in the chest. Two more men emerge and ask the other woman to leave the spot. Of the two,  one shoots Kaur in the head, while the other fires her in the face.

Five cops have been suspended for security lapse following the incident.

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