Anti-India, Pro-India Groups Clash Outside High Commission In London

The anti-India “Black Day” protest traditionally organised on India’s Republic Day each year in London went violent this time as pro-India groups emerged to counter the show.

The anti-India protest on Friday was organised by Lord Nazir Ahmed, a non-affiliate Member of the House of Lords, with his 5-point campaign including “Free Kashmir”, “Free Khalistan,” “Free Assam”, “Free Nagaland” and “Free Manipur”.

Five vans with billboards flaunting the demands drove across central London on Friday.

Counter protesters emerged by noon and the two groups traded insults and threats between them. As heated exchanges intensified with terms like “RSS terrorists” and “Modi Modi” could be heard on either sides of the banner.

At several points the Indian flag was shredded and torn underfoot.

Police intervened as the two groups clashed in the ensuing scuffle.

India has regularly expressed concern on anti-India activity aimed to incite violence or hatred.

The Birmingham Council had withdrawn permission for a rally early this year to commemorate death anniversary of slain terrorist Buhan Wani, following India’s request.

Lord Ahmed is a native of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and was raised in England. He was suspended from Labour party in 2012 over reports that alleged his offer of £10 million “bounty” for the capture of former US President Barack Obama, a charge he denies.

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