Trump Unsure of Wedding Invite; Wishes Royal Couple in Advance

US President  Donald Trump said he was not aware of any invite to the royal wedding, but hopes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “happy”.

Trump also added in how his late mother “loved the Queen and UK.

“She had a love for the Queen. She had a love for the Royal Family. She really respected the Queen and she loved the pomp and ceremony. The fact is, she loved the pomp and ceremony. The fact is, she loved the UK”.

Responding if he received an invitation, the President said “Not that I know of.”

The issue of whether Trump would be invited to the May 19 wedding has become speculative due to prince’s friendship with Barrack and Michelle Obama.

Besides Meghan has been highly critical of Trump, once suggesting she ould leave the US for Canada if he was elected president.

Asked if he would go for the wedding Trump said “I want them to be happy”.

Reminded that Meghan had called him a “divisive misogynist” he replied “Well, I still hope they’re happy”.

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