Brutal Sell-off in World Markets after Dow plunges 1,033 points

Markets across the world headed for fresh losses as American stock market plunged 1,033 points in Thursday’s trade, deepening weeklong selloff.

The carnage marks stark turnabout in investors ‘mood from just two weeks ago, when indexes including our own Nifty and Sensex set their life highs.

A hint of rising inflation and interest rates in US triggered the falls added to oil price dipping.

The Fear Chain
Inflation fears rise from the fact that as wages continue to rise, corporate profits could be hurt resulting in inflation. And the inflation in turn could prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at a fast pace which could then trigger economy slowdown.

The Irony
Several research reports and analysts suggest that US economy fundamentals are strong and that this panic is overreaction.

The same holds for India. Increasingly several quarters are now saying that Budget 2018 is good for corporate health.

But Sell Now
Meanwhile our own markets are set to follow global bloodbath and touch Tuesday lows.

And analysts advise sell at slightest recovery rather than taking positions.

Markets according to experts will find its feet in a week’s time, when one can start fishing again.

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