Leopard that killed 4-year-old in Valparai captured

Valaprai : The leopard believed to have mauled the 4-year-old boy in Valparai last week was captured on Tuesday morning.

The big cat fell into a trap laid by the Forest Department close to the house of the victim’s house yesterday.

Last week, the 4-year-old who was stood at the backdoor of his house by mother after bathing, was dragged by the leopard into the estate and killed.

Though the mother raised a hue and cry with neighbours rushing with weapons, the boy could not be tracked immediately.

Later his body was found less than 1 km from the house in the plantations.

The area is reports increased tiger attacks with as many as 10 children killed so far.

A veterinary doctor will examine the big cat today before it is released into its natural habitat at an appropriate location.


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