Minister Warns Bus Operators; Assoc Divided on Ending Strike

Kozhikode : With bus operators strike entering its 4th day, Transport Minister AK Saseendran has warned the associations of stringent measures including legal steps if they persisted in their protest.

Options available with the govt included seizing buses, the minister warned ,adding, the govt does not wish to adopt complicated approach.

Bus operators are continuing protest demanding minimum fare hike to Rs. 10 instead of the recently revised Rs. 7 and also students concession from Re. 1 to Rs. 5.

Meanwhile according to reports, members of  the bus owners association are divided on their view on continued protest with some willing to end the stand-off on recently negotiated terms.

Minister’s warning today comes after talks on Sunday, that lasted nearly two-and-a-half hours at Kozhikode guesthous, failed to convince strikers to call off the protest that began on Feb 16.

The meeting was attended by seven leaders representing the bus owners association who stood their ground on raised minimum fare of Rs. 10, student’s ticket to be 25 pc of regular fare and withdrawal of concession for students aged 24 and above.

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