Headmistress Murder During Robbery in Kasaragod Solved; 2 Neighbours Arrested

Kasaragod : Gold pledged by robbers stolen during armed burglary in which a retd headmistress was killed and her husband critically wounded,  helped solve the murder in Kasaragod.

Those arrested were identified as Vyashak and Renesh.

The incident took place on the night of 13 Dec 2017. The trio entered the house of the retired headmistress PV Janaki and slit her throat and that of her husband Kalathera Krishnan Master.

The gang then made away with the jewellery Janaki wore and Rs 50,000 in cash.

While Krishnan survived the attack Janaki died of bleeding. He told police the men were masked, leaving the police clueless on the mens’ identities.

Wide-searches were made including those in neighbouring states but the police could make much headway.

A tip-off on gold pledged by one of the culprits helped solve the murder and recover the loot.

The third culprit is absconding and is believed to have escaped abroad.

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