Baggage Thefts at Karipur : International Gang Suspected

Karipur : Valuables being swiped off the baggages  at Karipur airport is suspected to be modus operandi of Dubai-based gangs with connivance of airport staff in Kozhikode.

Since X-ray section can fully identify contents of a bag, a nexus between those staffed in the unit and the gang operatives is being looked into.

Suspicious marks placed on luggage from which expensive items have gone missing heighten doubts that they are placed by X-Ray staff for gangmen to identify them.

The marked baggages are allegedly kept aside for loot after security personnel and flight company staff leave the place. This could explain why most passengers who have lost their valuables cite unusual delay in getting their luggage.

Incidentally majority of the staff at terminal are natives of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The employees involved in loading the luggage onto the flight are under suspicion. Since they have knowledge of  what the baggages contain, the role of X-ray unit staff becomes apparent.

Recently six passengers who received their baggage after customs check at the airport reported items worth lakhs of rupees stolen including gold, foreign currencies and branded watches.

Curiously, the thefts are said to take place only on Air India.

On its part, the flight company has sought help of Dubai airport authorities and instructed Karipur authorities to examine surveillance camera footages.

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