Ruckus Over Recent Murders; Speaker Adjourns Assembly

Thiruvananthapuram : Protest against recent political killings threw the Legislative Assembly into chaos with Speaker adjourning the House for the day.

As the second day of the 10th Assembly session opened with question hour, opposition MLAs shouted slogans and  raised  banners of recently slain youths Shuhaib and Safeer.

The placards and banners towered around the dias obscuring the speaker who said the kind of protest was anti-democratic.

The protestors continued with loud slogans seeking immediate action over the murders in which supporters of the ruling Left are alleged to be the accused.

The lynching of Attapadi tribal youth Madhu too came up in the opposition ire.

An exasperated Speaker who strongly objected to the unruliness and blocking view of the Chair finally adjourned the session.

The Murders
29-year-old Shuhaib was hacked to death on Feb 12 allegedly by CPM workers, three of whom are in police custody. Yesterday CM informed the Assembly that CBI probe would not be moved in the case as ongoing police investigations were on right track.

22-year-old IUML youth activist Safeer was stabbed to death on Feb 25 inside his textile shop by 5 CPM followers and are presently in the lock-up.

27-year-old Adivasi youth from Athappadi was beaten and kicked to death on 22 Feb  by locals who suspected him of stealing rice from the shops. Madhu lived in the forest since age 17 and showed up rarely when driven by hunger.

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