Kerala to scorch at higher temperatures this summer

Kochi : The Indian Meteorological Dept  has warned of a summer more intense than preceding records with rise from 4 – 10 degree Celsius on an average.

Heat has already touched  40 degree in Palakkad yesterday.

During mid-March, the sun will come perpendicular to the equator adding a 0.50 Celsius further between March – May. Sunrays, according to the Met. Dept, which will hit earth directly in the absence of significant clouds which will scorch the state further.

Meanwhile, the dept. also predicts rains for Kochi in the second week of March and showers in Thrissur by mid-April.

Northern regions of the state will not see summer rains however, making summer heat unbearable there.

The high temperature this year around is, according to experts, a result of winds changing direction.

The hot wind from Tamil Nadu and Deccan Plateau will hit the state this time.

Rise in carbon levels adds to the phenomenon, they added.

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