Hi-Tech ATM Fraud : Kerala Police Arrests Romanian National in Nicargua

Thiruvananthapuram : In its trail to hi-tech ATM fraud carried out in the State capital two years ago, Kerala police created history, by arresting a Romanian national from Nicaragua in Central  America.

28-year-old Ianut Alexander Marino, the alleged kingpin of a gang, defrauded bank customers using first-of-its kind hi-tech swipes at SBI ATM counter at Althara near Vellayambalam last yar.

The gang typically installed a skimmer inside the kiosk and using data collected, would forge cards to withdraw money from accounts of people who swiped there.

Around Rs. 30 lakh was withdrawn from nearly 60 accounts in this manner.

Interpol arrested Marino in April last year while planning a similar fraud in Nicaragua, but Kerala police managed to have him extradited only now.

Five operatives worked the gang, one of whom, Gabriel Marian, was arrested from Mumbai two days after the incident. Of the remaining three, two were identified as Christian Victor Constantine and Popus Cauflon who have been traced to England and Germany respectively.

Extradition efforts to bring them in with help of Interpol are underway police said.

The identity of the fifth accused is however still unknown.

DGP Behera felicitated the probe team and said he would recommend an award for its feat.

He also said a list of fugitives will be prepared and the International Crime Coordination Cell under Crime Branch IG will be revamped for better coordination with agencies abroad including the Interpol.

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