Tribal Youth Madhu Tortured For Days Before His Death : Autopsy

Thrissur : The gruesomeness in lynching of  tribal youth Madhu of Attapadi was far greater than considered earlier. Wounds now revealed  in autopsy date back up to  two days prior to his  actual death.

Nearly 50 bruises were found on Madhu’s body from which half were sustained over one to two days before his death on Feb 20. Marks of the torturers having tied up Madhu during attack were also found. One of Madhu’s ribs was broken and the report said Madhu was beaten on the day of his death too.

According to the autopsy, Madhu may have died from inflammation of the brain caused by severe blows dealt to his skull. Evidence of his head hit against hard surface was also found. This, the Forensic considers, might have been the fatal factor.

Dr. N Balaram, the head of forensic department of Thrissur Government Medical College, handed over the autopsy report of Palakkad RDO.

A copy of the document was handed over Madhu’s family.

The Backdrop
Madhu, a 27-year-old native of Athapadi in Palakkad, left home aged 17 to live in the forest 8 kms away reportedly from hostilities at workplace earlier. He is said to be suffering from mental illness.

People treading the forest for firewood occasionally spotted him. However, except for twice or thrice  driven by hunger, he seldom returned to the the village.

On 20 Feb, locals handed a tortured Madhu  to police alleging theft of rice and grocery. The group had trailed him into the forest and  found a pouch of coriander and chillie powder in his bag there.

Madhu began to vomit inside the police jeep and collapsed to death. He had narrated his ordeal to the cops before dying.

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