Apple iPhone 6S Found in Temple Donation Box, Priests Puzzled

An bizarre offering to deity of the famous Subramanya Swamy temple in Andhra Pradesh, an Apple iPhone 6S has left the priests there wondering what to do of it.

The incident took place last week when the temple officials opened the “hundi” or donation box after gap of three months and found the device in a sealed pack buried in money lying inside. It had everything from a cover to warranty card, the officials at the office said.

The priests are of the view that a mobile shop owner must have dropped the device as offering, adding that, it was only guess work.

The temple executive said they will consult the endowment department and govt on what to do with it.

The Lord Subramanya Swamy temple at Mopidevi nests in Vijayawada and is visited by thousands of devotees each week.

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