Couple seek to end 8-yr-marriage failing to live as man and wife

Thiruvananthapuram : In a curious case, a married couple approached Women’s Commission seeking to end their 8-year-marriage after failing to live as man and wife.

The woman’s family approached the Commission seeking divorce on grounds of desertion. A little probe revealed how the marriage never consummated and couple lived under roof without a relation with undertones of a man and wife.

The man sought to avenge his family for forcing him into a wedlock against his will.

Asked if they would reconsider to have a meaningful marriage, the woman answered in affirmative however the man refused vehemently.

He was explained how the woman’s life was ruined and sacrificed for the marriage between them, but nothing persuaded changed his stand to walk out of the bond.

The couple have been asked to appear again after a while after rethinking it all.a


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