Accident Victim Treated Cruelly By Ambulance Driver Dies : Thrissur

Thrissur : An accident victim was handled cruelly by the ambulance driver after he urinated and defecated inside the vehicle on Saturday in Thrissur. He later died at the Govt Medical College in Mulakkunathhukavu.

The man lay on the wayside after speeding bike hit him on the National highway at Thachanattukara in Palakkad. Bystanders transported him to Palakkad district hospital from where he was put into the ambulance for better treatment at Govt Medical college.

On reaching the medical college the ambulance driver was annoyed to find the patient had urinated and passed stools on the stretcher.
He then ramped the stretcher down to the ground with the patient sloping in upside-down position. The driver shouted at the man to step out on his own which the physically weak man could not.

The onlookers watched the inhuman behaviour and captured it on their mobiles. An attender is later seen  approaching the vehicle and together they haul up the man on to the wheel-chair.

The man later died in the hospital, which the authorities confirmed was from injuries sustained in the accident earlier.

Police have booked a case of cruelty against the driver.

The driver maintains the man was drunk prompting the rough treatment.

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