CBSE Paper Leak : NO Link With CBSE Official, Says Accused

The three accused, taken into custody for their alleged roles in leaking the class 12 Economics paper, have denied any link with the CBSE official who has been suspended for ‘laxity’ in his duty.

According to police the arrested teachers Rishabh, 29 and Rohit, 26 of Mother Khazani Convent School in Bawana and private coaching centre tutor Tauqeer, 26, were quizzed over their possible links with CBSE official but all of them denied having any dealing with him.

Rana was entrusted the responsibility of delivering Economics paper to Mother Khazani Convent School.

The papers were delivered earlier than stipulated time giving Rishabh and Rohit opportunity to share images of the paper with their associate Tauqeer, said a probe official.

The Delhi police lodged two cases pertaining to CBSE question paper leaks.

The first relates to Economics paper the complaint of which was lodged on March 27 while other pertains to Mathematics paper the following day.

The examinations for class X Mathematics and class 12 Economic papers were held on March 28 and March 26 respectively.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court today agreed to hear a batch of petitions against CBSE decision to re-conduct the mathewmatics exam for Class 10 followint the leak.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra will hear the urgent petition on Wednesday.

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