US Tariff Bid Will Be Defeated, Says Chinese State Media

Tensions continue to rise between world’s two largest economies with Chinese warning that United States tariff  moves will be defeated in the end.

The only option now was to hit US hard enough so it will “remember the pain”, said China’s official Xinhua news agency today.

On Wednesday, 4 April, China imposed USD 3 billion tariffs on US fruits, nuts, wine and pork just hours after Trump administration proposed duties on some 1,300 Chinese industrial, technology, transport and medical products.

On Thursday President Trump in a statement said that US would consider slapping tariffs on an additional $100  billion in Chinese goods.

China’s media, strictly controlled by govt, portrayed the country as victim of an overly aggressive IS bent on taking illegitimate unilateral action.

“The White House has completely lost its sense of reality” said the ruling communist party’s People’s Daily newspaper.

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