Kim Jong-un Vows To Shut Down Nuclear Test Sites in May

In their historic meet, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told South Korean President Moon Jae-in that his country will shut all major nuclear test sites in May and invite International experts and journalists to make it public.

Experts and journalists from both South and US will be invited to affirm his pledge, the leader said.

Refuting the speculation that the sites are being shut down because they are no more usable, Kim said two tunnels at test site are still in good condition.

US will soon realize he has no intention to use nuclear weapons against South Korea or the Pacific, to target America, when he meets President Donald Trump, he added.

Moon and Kim during their summit promised to work toward ‘complete decuclearisation’ of the Korean Peninsula, without making references to verification or timetables.

Kim’s meeting with Trump is expected next month or early June according to sources.

On 27 April, Kim became the first North Korean leader to step into south Korean territory since 1953.

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