Liga Not Raped, Died From Violent Attack : Autopsy

Thiruvananthapuram : Autopsy done of Liga’s decomposed body was released on Saturday and doctors confirm murder cause by possible asphyxiation. The Latvian woman’s neck cartilage was ruptured with deep wound suggesting she was pinned down by neck and struggle hard to break loose.

The crack in cartilage was sufficient to cause death, they added.

Seven people, including a prime suspect, are in custody following a crucial disclosure by a local.

According to police, some among the nabbed will soon be arrested.

Meanwhile a strand of hair, recovered from crime scene has been sent for DNA tests to determine identity of its owner.

The Case
Liga Skromane, 33-year-old Latvian tourist, was in the capital along with sister Lise and husband Andrew to recuperate from chronic depression. Then suddenly on March 14, she went missing after she boarded a autorickshaw and left without telling. After long manhunt, her highly decomposed body was found by locals in a mangrove forest at Thiruvallam on 21 April.

CCTV footage showed her alighting from the auto. The spot she was found in is a long reach and cant be trekked unless led by a person familiar to the  water-locked thicket.

The secluded place is also notorious for drug pushers. Six persons who frequent this place have been taken by police.

An abandoned boat was also found close to the place of crime.


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