Rat Chews On Comatose Patient’s Eye in Mumbai Hospital

An elderly man in Mumbai claimed that rats seen often in the general ward, had nibbled on the his comatose son’s eye leaving it bloodied.

The alleged incident took place on April 23 in civic-run Bal Thackeray Trauma Care Hospital in Jogeshwari.

“We saw blood over his eye in the morning. We had seen rats in the general ward earlier, but have not witnessed the incident. He was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in the brain following a road accident”, the father told a news agency.

The hospital administrator have denied the occurrence, saying it was “conspiracy” to malign their reputation.

Post the incident, the patient in coma, Praminder Gupta was shifted from general ward to ICU for two days.

The condition of the patient has remained critical from the serious road accident he met with.

Incidentally, in August of 2016, a similar incident was reported in civic-run Nair Hosptial in Mumbai, when rats nibbled several parts on diabetic pateint’s  his left leg. The patient Mohammed was not sensitive to pain and hence the incident was noticed only when considerable blood oozed out.

The pest control department was called in to tackle the rodents after news of it broke out.

Meanwhile, further investigations are underway at Bal Thackeray Trauma Care.


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