85-year-old man puts himself for adoption : China

With wife dead long ago and disconnected with children or neighbours, an 85-year-old man from China put up a ‘adopt me’ bill on a shelter bus close to where he lived.

Han Zicheng is a survivor of 1931-37 Japanese invasion and is resident of Tianjin, a port city in northeastern China.

On a piece of paper he wrote “Looking for someone to adopt me”, adding, he was strong and can shop, cook and care for himself and also that he has no chronic illness. Shedding light to his background he wrote, “I am retired from a scientific research institute  in Tianjin, with a monthly pension of 6,000 RMB($950).

“I won’t go to a nursing home. My hospe is tht a kindhearted person or family will adopt and nourish me through old age and bury my body when I am dead”.

The note was pasted on a bus at a shelter in Dec last year.

According to sources, Han’s son confirmed his death

China’s one-child policy to improve living standards has led to millions of Chinese growing old without enough support.

In 2013, the Chinese government made parental visits compulsory giving elderly people some respite.


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