Kerala Girl Confined At BJP Leader’s House For Inter-Faith Relationship : Mangaluru

Mangaluru : A WhatsApp video showing a Malayali girl confined illegally at a house owned by a BJP leader for falling in love with a man from another religion went viral, prompting police to free her from captivity.

The leader however denied the allegation and said he only helped the girl’s mother with an accommodation sought to lodge the girl.

The girl, a Thrissur native, uploaded the video seeking help while staying with her mother in Mangaluru.

She \ called it her ‘last video’ adding she was under death threat. “There is a big risk. If something happens to me tomorrow, the blame will be on my mother. There is no end to the sufferings I endured in the past two years. I was even admitted to a psychiatric centre in Kochi for two months followed by two months in the orphanage run by RSS” she recounts.

The girl claims she is beaten up if she asks to return to their native place. A nasty man brought her there, she says and will now be left under his care as mother plans to return to native place after two years.

After the video surfaced, police tracked the house the girl’s mother rented and a case has been registered against mother for keeping daughter under illegal confinement.

The police however refuse to divulge into details in view of upcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka.

The girl expressed unwillingness to go with mother when produced before the Mangaluru, second class judicial magistrate, following which the court ordered her to Mahila Mandiram.

The video was originally send to the youth she loves when she got a mobile two months back.

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