Siddaramaiah Sends 100-cr Notice To BJP, Modi Included

Bengaluru : Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has shot a six-page legal defamation notice to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and party leader BS Yeddyurappa for accusing him of corruption and demanded public apology.

Siddaramaiah accused the leaders of propagating “baseless, false and untrue remarks” about him in the campaign for state election, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday

In the document Siddaramaiah stated that “Sidda-Rupiah” jibe was and intensely personal attak.

The Backdrop
Modi in his speeches targeted Siddaramaiah and his govt calling it “Seedha Rupaiya Sarkar” and “10 percent government”.

Verbal attacks and name-calling has been hall mark of rigorous campaign for Karnataka, the last major state ruled by Congress.


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