India To Station Fighter Planes in Andaman Nicobar To Counter China

For the first time after World War II, India will station its fighter airplanes in Andaman Nicobar islands to tighten its hold over the crucial Malacca, Sunda and Lumbok Straits and Straits of Ombai Water in the eastern Indian Ocean Region.

The Malacca, Sunda and Lumbok straits are narrow ocean passes that facilitate 70 percent of the world’s trade is carried out and they serve to connect the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea.

Over the past few years, China has harboured more warships and submarines including the nuclear ones in this region in a bid to dominate the Indian Ocean.

Recently the Indian Navy sent a tacit message to Beijing that it will monitor movements there by tweeting pictures of every Chinese warship that enters the Indian Ocean region.

In fact India has been mulling to transform Andaman island as defense against an aggressive China.

The Indian Navy has positioned about 19 capital warships in the area and built two floating docks to repair and refurbish warships.

“Warships no longer need to be brought to the mainland India for repairs” said a senior Navy officer referring to the maintenance facility in the island chain

According to top Govt sources airbases in car Nicobar and on Campbell bay have been identified to serve as base for fighter planes.

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