Midnight Drama : 10,000 Voter IDs Found in A Bengaluru Apartment

Following a discovery of 10,000 voter ID cards in an apartment in Bengaluru late last night, the Election Commission has ordered an inquiry.

BJP alleges the fake ID stock is linked to Congress lawmaker there and demanded that elections to the Raja Rajeshwari Nagar constituency be cancelled.

Congress hit back accusing BJP of the “drama” by planting “fake evidence”.

In a related development, the Karnataka Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar said two trunk-loads of counterfoil strips which appeared to be acknowledgement slips of the form used to add names of voters were also found. The forms differed in color from those used by the Election Commission, he added.

Both BJP and Congress decried conspiracy by one another in the matter.

Raja Rajeshwarai Nagar is one of the largest constituencies in Bengaluru and has about 4.71 lakh voters. It is one of the last major states where Congress remains in power.

In 2013 Congress Munirathna won 37 percent vote share and is seeking re-lection against BJP’s Muniraju Gowda.

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