Minor Admitted To Mental Hospital By Family To Cover Abuse

Malappuram : A 12-year-old girl who suffered sexual abuse inside her home was abducted on her way to exam and admitted to mental asylum in a bid to hush up the crime.

In March, the child during counseling had revealed molestation at home following which the school authorities informed the family.

When there occurred a second abuse attempt the child called up the Childline and was shifted to a care home.

While on her way to write final exams, the relative acused of abuse took her away forcefully.

The Care home reported the abduction to Sub-inspector who said since the child has reached her home, a case cannot be registered.

Later the police informed the recue home that the girl has been hospitalized in a centre for mentally sick. The girl had good academic record and did well in extracurricular activities, the rescue home pointed out.

However the police refused to act until Child Welfare Council intervened.

According to the care home the family is trying to diminish credibility of the victim statements by creating a mentally ill medical record.

The family moved the High Court for custody of their child but was refused and the girl send back to rescue home.

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