Karnataka Awaits Governor’s Vote

While BJP has emerged as the single largest majority party in Karnataka elections it fell short of the magical 112 figure by 8 votes. The hung verdict has now thrown people, businesses and financial markets into  uncertainty of who now will form the govt.

Speculation is rife about BJP wooing legislators from Congress and JD(S).

If that works and Governor invites BJP to prove majority, congress and JD(S) are likely to oppose the move citing they still have got more number of seats.

Claiming the ball should lie in BJP’s court, Arun Jaitley tweeted that the governor is constitutionally right in case of a hung verdict in inviting the leader of the majority coalition.

The Congress retorted with examples of Goa, Meghalaya and Manipur where the largest parties were not invited by the governor to form the government. And that resulted in BJP rules of these states, it added.

Meanwhile as chances of horse trading and backdoor deals rise with every passing hour, people of Karnataka wait for Governor’s gesture – giving more time to both parties to prove majority or invite one of the either to prove its strength and form the govt.

In the 222 seat Karnataka Assembly elections BJP won 104, Congress 78, JD(S) 37 and others 3.

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