Karnataka Govt Tapping Our Phones, Allege 3 BJP MPs

There BJP parliamentarians from Karnataka complained that their phones were being tapped incumbent Congress govt.

Shoba Karandiaje, GM Siddeshwara and PC Mohan have written to the Union Home Minister, Lok Sabha speaker and top police officials seeking intervention to end the “pernicious practice”.

“We have every reason to believe that the Karnataka govt is misusing its position and tapping our mobile phones. This is a clear violation of our fundamental right to privacy,” the letter read.

Asked what led them to assume they were being wired, Karandlaje said “we got to know from agencies”. Many of our messages and information have been leaked, she added.

“Political situation is still fluid following a fractured mandate. The Congress govt in Karnataka is taking advantage of the situation and resorting to cheap tactics of tapping the telephones of BJP leaders,” the letter alleged.

BJP emerged as single largest party winning 104 of 222 seats, but fell short of eight for clear majority. The JD(S)-Congress combine with 116 (38 + 78) seats together is vying to form the next govt in Karnataka.

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