Congress-JDS Differences Could See Alliance Crumble, BJP Watching

According to sources, BJP believes that “inherent contradictions” in Congress – JDS alliance will see the coalition crumble and BJP rule the roost.

A BJP leader said the JDS and the Congress were political rivals and their alliance was bound to be “unsuccessful” owing to “competing interests” of their support groups.

Most of the JDS candidates fought Congress nominees as main rivals in the elections, he added.

BJP president Amit Shah said yesterday that a govt of “unoly” alliance was unlikely to last long.

Meanwhile, given high chances of horse-trading, Congress-JDS MLAs are under close monitoring.

The Backdrop
The Congress-JDS managed to keep its newly-elected legislators together in the 224-member House, forcing Yeddyurappa to put in his resignation on Saturday before the floor test.

The two allies who battled one another during elections came together to prevent BJP from taking power in Karnataka.


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