Lynching Madhu : All Accused Charged With Murder

Agali : The police have filed chargesheet pertaining to tribal youth Madhu’s death where all the accused involved in beating him to death, have been charged with murder.

Statement of witnesses and scientific evidence that speaks of nature and time of injuries found on Madhu’s body.

The chargesheet running to 11,640 pages excludes Forest Officials who were blamed for pointing Madhu’s location in the forest.

The public lynching had caught national headlines and prompted public outrage for brutally killing a starved tribal for allegedly stealing petty grocery.

The Case
Tribal youth from Attapady Madhu  lived in a forest cave  for years owing to hostilities suffered in the settlement owing to his weak mental framework.

He visited his home and settlement only when faced with starvation. Accused of stealing grocery under cover of darkness, a gang of men trailed his location inside the forest  and tied him up before beating him up brutally on February.

The men also took selfies of the act. The police who arrived took an exhausted Madhu who narrated his ordeal. He later coughed blood and died before reaching the hospital.

The Accused
Those chargesheeted include Mecheriyil Hussain, Kilayil Marakkar, Pothuvacholyail Shamsudeen, Thzhusseril Radhakrishnan, Viruthiyil Najeem, Mannampattayil Jaijumon, Karikkalil Sidhique and Pothuvacholayil aboobecker.

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