Terminate Arrogant Police Officers From Service, Says Former DGP Jacob Punnoose

Thiruvananthapuram : Former DGP Jacob Punnoose said several policemen adopt arrogant approach to civilians and that the  arrogance is a ploy to conceal corruption.

Such officers should be sacked, he added.

Retired top cop was referring to the sensational honour killing  of Kottayam native Kevin Joseph.

“When a girl comes to a police station law should take its due course about the complaint, it is there in the constitution. However many police personnel don’t care about rules,” Punnoose said.

“Officers who behave arrogantly to women and economically weaker sections should be terminated from service,” he added.

“Rudeness was the norm in the past when one could not enter a police station without addressing the cops as “lord”(yemaan).Several officers wish to reinstate the “Lords” era,” said former chief.

Workload and pressures were no excuses for arrogance, he said asking “one gets exhausted from heavy duty , how does that lead to anger ?.

The backdrop
When Kevin’s new bride and family approached Gandhi Nagar police station and reported abduction giving details of persons involved with vehicle details, the police present refused to act citing their busyness with CM’s security.

Kevin was eventually tortured and found dead in a shallow stream in two districts away.


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