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Using “Macbeth” To Teach Computers Think

A professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is using Shakespeare’s blood-soaked tragedy “Macbeth” to teach computers to think like humans feel about things.

The computer is learning about revenge, ambition and murder. It now knows that victory can make one happy . It also knows you can’t be happy once dead.

The computer learnt these things  to be able to read “Macbeth” albeit  an extremely truncated version. The Scottish story is reduced to just 37 sentences like “Witches had visions and danced” and “Lady MacBeth had bad dreams”.

The MIT professor Patrick Winston thinks this bite-size Macbeth could help solve the biggest problem in artificial intelligence – build computers that can simulate the human mind’s unique  perception and insight i.e.  machines that comprehend social cues, visual prompts and understand spoken words like a human.


(MIT is a prestigious private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts in US.)



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