Partymen Protest Laying Coffin/Wreath with Chandy, Chennithala pics

Kochi : Unidentified protesters laid wreath on symbolic coffins with photographs of AICC general secretary OOmen Chandy and Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala pasted over.

The incident took place in front of DCC office at Kochi shortly after KM Mani declared his son Jose K Mani as candidate for Rajya Sabha polls.

Signifying sense of betrayal for parting with the lone RS seat, one board read “Judases of Congress – Oomen Chandy and Chennithala”

Another poster read “You value bribe from Mani more than dignity of Congress ”

When Congress handed out it’s Rajya Sabha seat to its ally KC(M) led by KM Mani, it shocked leaders and all cadre of the party in the state

Widespread resentment and protests marked the decision and the ongoing turmoil has not eased yet.

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