Vazhapuzha Custody Death : Opp Slams Clean Chit to AV George, Ruckus in Assembly

Thiruvananthapuram : The opposition broke into uproar in the Assembly today after speaker P Sreeramkrishnan refused an adjournment motion to discuss how SP who allegedly ordered nabbing Varapuzha Sreejith was given clean chit by probe team.

The speaker refused to accept the adjournment motion saying it was not an issue requiring urgent action. Noisy arguments ensued and the opposition contended with speaker’s decision to accept it as a submission.

Following this Congress leader VD Satheeshan presented the topic for submission and said SP AV George had instructed Sreejith’s abduction and is responsible for the murder. He further asked if any CPM leader was involved in the incident.

The Backdrop
The Special Investigation Team(SIT) probing into alleged custody death of Varapuzhha native Sreejith had submitted report stating that the state police chief AV George had committed several “lapses”.

SITpointed out that the very formation of special squad – Rural Tiger Force(RTF) – that picked up deceased Sreejith, was against laid-down norms. The acts of its members were criminal in nature and it further said these personnel were given good service entries lavishly.

In context of Sreejtih’s case the victim was nabbed even without knowledge of local police. Moreover, it was RTF personnel who held Sreejith from his house on the night of April 6 and handed him to Varapuzha police only next day.

Sreejith according to forensic report, died from rupture to intestine that poisoned his bloodstream and gruesome wounds to his genitals.

There were no external wounds to his abdomen which was viewed as signature police boot strategy, where they cover the shoes with cloth or layered plastic before inflicting grave injuries to the insides.

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