Goons Try To Kidnap Woman On Pretext Of Sorting Quarrel : Bengal

A quarreling couple in Bengal almost ended up in criminal hands when goons walked in to sort their differences, at a busy railway station in West Bengal.

The incident took place at Sodepur railway station. The man and wife broke into an argument while at Jamai Shashti celebrations at Nagerbazar earlier in the day.

The woman took then took off to board a train home to Jagaddal from Dum Dum. Her husband travelled parallel and persuaded her to deboard mid-way at Sodepur railway station.

Once grounded the couple went off at each other once again in the fairly populated railway station. A few drunks walked in as mediators and asked them proof of marriage. The man, sensing trouble, asked them to keep out. The goons then turned violent and thrashed him while two were seen dragging the woman away to a desolate spot.

The onlookers stood watching and just that. Eventually the couple’s scream for help put off the gang who fled the scene as police arrived.

A complaint has been lodged against  unidentified miscreants and railway cops are probing into the attempted abduction.


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