Missing Jesna Might Have Been Found, Police Takes Girl in Mahi Into Custody

The long hunt for  20-year-old college student from Ranni might have just ended after probe team took a girl reportedly missing Jesna from Mahi, the township in union territory of Pudhuchery.   

While Jesna Mariyam James, who disappeared on her way to paternal aunt’s house on 22 March wore teeth braces, the girl in custody has them removed.

Police reached the place and carried out search after tip-off on Jesna living in  Puzhikala Romano Quarters there.

An official confirmation in this regard however is still pending.

Incidentally, friends knowing Jesna closely had recently indicated that she was an introvert who loved long travels and live in hiding.

The Case
Jesna Mariya James, a Ranni native was doing her second-year-degree course at a college in Kanjirapally when she suddenly disappeared on March 22 on her way to a relative’s house in high range Mukkoottuthara.

Her family handed over visuals of her arriving at Punchavayal, Mundakkayam in proof that she was indeed travelling to her paternal aunt’s house. The footage, obtained from a bank at Kannimala, shows Jesna seated in a bus named Sivaganga.

The case drew a lot of flak from public, opposition and court as  police groped in the dark after one false lead after other dampened hopes of finding the girl.

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