Parents Continue To Favour Influential Rapist Over Daughters : Kottayam

Kottayam : Two girls in Kottayam  were shuttled helplessly between Nirbhaya Home and their own house comprising an  alcoholic father and mother who facilitates their rape.

The incident dates back to 2015 when the older girl, then 14-yr-old, complained to police about being raped repeated with connivance of her mother. The rapist is a well-connected planter from Kottayam.

The probe soon found how the girl and her 12-year-old younger sister were both raped by the same man although unknown to each other.

Both girls were subsequently sent to Nirbhaya Home in Idukki in Dec of 2015.

Then in 2016, despite objections from Nirbhaya authorities, the district Child Welfare Committee (CWC) allowed parents to take  the girls home for Onam citing provisions in law that allow children home on festivals and other special occasions.

At home the girls were beaten up demanding they change their testimony.

The sisters called Nirbhaya authorities using their mother’s mobile phone and were eventually taken back to the institutional care home.

Nirbhaya also filed a complaint with Commission for Protection of Child Rights against CWC’s order allowing girls home for Onam fully knowing that the second accused, the mother, was present at home.

The girls meanwhile continued live at Nirbhaya passing their XII and SSLC examinations soon after which the parents took them home again. Nirbhaya authorities expressed concerns about their safety and continued education, both of which were promised to be taken care of.

Since the older girl crossed 18, there was no way to retrieve her.

However district CWC soon ordered the younger one too to join her sister at home with parents.

Later probe found how the older girl had dropped out of college and the younger one irregular at school and attempted suicide twice cutting her wrists. To top it all the family including girls’ education was funded by the abusive planter.

Nirbhaya authorities reported the scenario to Idukki District Collector who overruled CWC order and restored the minor girl to Nirbahaya in Trhiruvananthapuram by end of 2017.

Last month CWC ordered the girl to go with her parents to attend marriage of the elder girl. She left on May 17.

As expected it was a ploy to harass and the rapist was allowed to attack her forcing her to withdraw her complaint, Home authorities said.

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