CPM Councillor Responsible For Death, Says Changanaserry Couple’s Note

Kottayam : The suicide note left behind by the Kottayam couple who took their lives on Monday, says CPM councillor is responsible for their deaths.

The note believed to have been penned down by Reshma further says police forced them to confess to stealing 400 gm gold which they didn’t steal.

Saji Kumar, the CPM councillor had lodged a complaint with police alleging 400 gm were stolen by Sunil Kumar who works as goldsmith.

After being summoned to Changanacherry police station on Monday, Sunil and his wife Reshma  returned distraught. The cops reportedly gave them an ultimatum of returning entire 400 gm gold by Wedneday 2 pm.

The suicide note partially acknowledges the couple’s role in missing gold, reading “Saji Kumar sold gold to fund construction of his house. Only 100 gm gold went missing because of us. But police beat us badly and made us confess to have taken 400 gms of gold. So we have no other option but to die,”.

Tension prevails in the area after locals were agitated by another case of alleged police torture and helpless suicide by a young couple.

Very few vehicles are plying the streets as a protest march began at 10 am this morning.

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