Canada Heat Wave Kills 54, Toll Likely To Go Higher

 A least 54 people are believed to have died  after parts of Central and Eastern Canada was enveloped by high temperatures that crossed 35 C so far.

Most victims came from Montreal area which recorded 28 heat-related fatalities.

According to Environment Canada, the last time temperatures in June above 35 C was more than 50 years back in 1964.

“We’re still two or three weeks away from the ‘dog days’ of summer, which is typically the warmest moment of the summer,” said Canada climatologist David Philips.

Experts said possibility of 45 C cannot be ruled out.

Most of who died were men in their 50s or older living in vulnerable conditions without air conditioning, regional public health director Mylene Drouin said.

In 2010 Montreal recorded 100 deaths following hottest summer in decades then.


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