Maharaja Campus Murder : Two More Arrested, Prime Suspect At Large

Police have arrested two persons in connection with the campus killing at Maharaja where assailants from outside the college were summoned to murder SFI leader Abhimanyu.

Those booked today have been identified as Navas and Jafri, both SDPI members, who provided assistance to the assailants. With that the number of arrests goes up to 6 so far.

According the investigators, the probe presently focuses on six persons who absconded from Ernakulam, Nettor shortly after the incident. One of them is also an accused in the infamous Thodupuzha hand-chopping case.

Police had earlier conducted statewide raids on SDPI offices and workers’ residences after confirmation on its role in Abhimanyu murder.

They are now evaluating the cases and incidents the Popular Front and SDPI might have roles in.

The Backdrop
In the wee hours of 1 July, SDPI workers allegedly summoned by Campus Front activists, lay in wait for Abhimanyu around the gates of Maharaja college. As he emerged with a few others to paste welcome-posters for the new batch, a brawl was created under the cover of which an SDPI  man punched his face and killed him with a quick knife stab which was pulled out instantly. Abhimanyu’s fellowmate Arjun was also stabbed in similar fashion and continues to be in critical condition at the hospital since.

Meanwhile NIA is looking for terror element after it emerged that on the eve of murder, the prime suspect stayed at an accommodation at Ernakulam North SRM road, arranged by one of the culprits of Thodupuzha hand-chopping case. The culprits of that case are out on bail and their link to the Abhimanyu murder is being probed.

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